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Activilong No-lye relaxer kit with plants

One application or two retouches

Hair defense system

Phytorepair system

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Activilong - Laboratoire MAI - France



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  • Mild

7,92 €

Most of current no-Iye relaxers make hair dry and porous. ACTIVILONG innovates with new no-lye relaxers performant and protective formulas improved with plant's extracts:

  • it provides a pertect and long lasting result. Hair is sleek and easy to comb out and style.
  • It contains plants-derived ingredients that make it a real care relaxer. As a consequence, hair will become silkier, shiner and softer than ever before.
  • The Cuticular Regulator sticks together the hair's scales making it less porous, softer and more beautiful.
  • Actirepair deeply regenerates hair due to the massive concentration of restoring nutriments it supplies to regenerate the hair cuticle.
  • The Macadamia Hair Softening Moisturizer protects hair from external aggression.

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Activilong No-lye relaxer kit with plants

Activilong No-lye relaxer kit with plants

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