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    Madeleine S.

     on 24-04-2020

    Merci à toute l'équipe Lady Edna j'ai bien reçu ma commande prenez soin de vous et à très bientôt.


    Carole A.

     on 17-01-2020

    Bonjour Lady Edna. Merci de me permettre d'avoir mes produits aussi rapidement aux DOM TOM. Je suis très satisfaite


    Sylvie D.

     on 30-07-2019

    Très satisfaite de ma commande livraison rapide commande reçu au bout de 6jrs Merci Lady ????


    Ema Monique E.

     on 07-05-2019

    je suis satisfaite des produits pris et je recommande énormément ce site mais le problème c'est la faible communication de leur part.


    Thellia B.

     on 09-03-2019

    Tres satisfaite ,j’ai Reçu mon colis rapidement depuis la sibérie ladyedna vous êtes la meilleure ! Je ferai encore des commandes ❤️


    Marie Chimene A.

     on 08-10-2018

    bonjour toute l'equipes de lady edna juste pour vou dire merci. bravo pour la qualité des produits, produits de bonne qualité trop contente


    Agnès J.

     on 28-08-2018

    Deux commandes déjà pour une livraison dans des délais raisonnables en Guadeloupe et des produits toujours conformes. BRAVO


    Massita K.

     on 13-08-2018

    Satisfaire de mes commandes,


    Gilda M.

     on 29-06-2018

    Je passe commande de temps en temps et le service est très professionnel. Bravo à votre équipe et bravo pour votre implication.


    Jeanette K.

     on 22-05-2018

    Nouvelle cliente, satisfait pour premier commande merci!!!


    Marlie D.

     on 24-04-2018

    Bjr lady Edna je ss satisfait de ma commande merci bcp


    Rosemarie B.

     on 20-02-2018

    Bonjour , Je suis nouvelle cliente et satisfaite à ma commandes . Merci lady edna et A bientôt .


    Marie Chimene A.

     on 21-12-2017

    coucou juste pour vous dire merci je suis très satisfaite de la qualité des produits les delais de livraison sont extrêmement rapide bravo


    Salah A.

     on 01-11-2017

    Très bon service . J'ai été surprise par la rapidité et le soin apporté au packaging. Site très complet côté produits. Merci encore .


    Valencia A.

     on 19-10-2017

    Commande passée jeudi, livrée mardi. La livraison est super rapide. En plus, les produits sont de qualité. Merci lady edna.


    Dalila S.

     on 08-10-2017

    je suis cliente chez LADY EDNA j'aime bien passer mes commandes avec eux même pas 6 jours je les reçois je suis très satisfaite merci LADY


    Sandrine T.

     on 17-09-2017

    Je suis vraiment satisfaite de ma commande et de la qualité des produits. Merci beaucoup Lady Edna


    Nadine T.

     on 16-08-2017

    Great service and fast shipping... thank you!


    Dalila S.

     on 14-08-2017

    Merci Lady pour touts je reçois toujours mes colis a temps


    Victoria T.

     on 26-07-2017

    Very fast delivery to Germany, I will always order here


    Esther N.

     on 11-07-2017

    Merci beaucoup ladyedna.mes commandes sont arrivés.


    Niouma S.

     on 24-03-2017

    Produit conforme à la description, reçu très vite et bien emballé . Trop contente!!!!


    Nguissi L.

     on 10-12-2016

    Lydienne.N livraison rapide, produits conforme aux photos, entretien téléphonique chaleureux sur les conseils des produits, merci LADY EDNA


    Elisabeth Z.

     on 09-12-2016

    Je suis une nouvelle cliente très satisfaite de mes achats les produits sont de très bonne qualité j adore et merci lady Edna


    Irene T.

     on 06-10-2016

    Je suis nouvelle clientèle plutôt satisfaite du service ,livraison rapide merci


    Fatimata B.

     on 06-09-2016

    je suis trés contente de mon achat , trés professionel vraiment . Au moins vous vous connaissez la valeur des clients. Merçi encore.


    Michel H.

     on 07-07-2016

    nouvelle cliente rècente mais fière de vouset contente de mes achats très bon produits pro merci lady Edna à très vite madame hueber


    Aurélie A.

     on 05-07-2016

    très bons produits!!! livraison correcte, accueil téléphonique super!! prix attractifs, bien moins chers que sur les autres sites!!


    Chris J.

     on 09-02-2016

    Fast response , EXCELLENT customer , and overseas delivery within 6 days ! Will ALWYAS be ordering from you guys! Love it!!! Thanks again.


    mina B.

     on 21-07-2015

    commande et livraison très rapide bravo produit conforme à la commande qualité de l'accueil au top je recommande ce site merci Lady Edna


    Mame D.

     on 09-07-2015

    I just receive the order, I am very happy! I will be happy to keep ordering from you. Good costumer service. Thanks you again !!!


    Emilie G.

     on 24-06-2015

    Merci pour votre professionnalisme.


    René D.

     on 22-06-2015

    Bravo pour l'ergonomie du site, très convivial.

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Your favorite brands There are 5 products.

  • 2 jours propre

    Soaps from Ivory Coast, for a clear compexion.

  • A3 Cosmetic -...

    The range of products 4 Ever Bright helps you keep a clear and uniform complexion. Made in Italy.

  • Activilong
  • B&C Paris

    A range of skin care products. Made in Switzerland.

  • BelDam
  • Bigen
  • Bio Claire
  • Cantu
  • Caro Light
  • Caro White

    Lightening products with carrot oil and kojic acid.

  • Caro-Claire Paris
  • Carotein
  • Carotone
  • CBL

    MASTERING THE CARE PRODUCTS FOR BLACK AND MIXED SKINS; For nearly 20 years, Laboratories PHYTOPLUS FRANCE have mastered the specific care products for black and mixed skin . They brought a safe and effective response to problems associated with fragile skin, in order to: - Brighten the complexion and purify the skin, - Fight against spots, pimples and blackheads, - Restore the harmony of the skin. Formulated under dermatological control, without hydroquinone, paraben free, not tested on animals, they contain a brightening complex incorporating vitamins and plant extracts, such as Bearberry, Yarrow and Parsley, known for their lightening and clarifying action.

  • Choura carotte

    Cleanses the skin thoroughly and removes impurities.

  • Clairissime
  • Clairmen

    A version adapted to the European market from the popular range of lightening products for men.

  • Clinic-Clear

    Discover the beauty secret of African-American women for a perfect skin. This multi-function whitening body care unifies, corrects, protects, brightens and hydrates your skin in one step. Your skin is radiant and unified while being protected against premature signs of aging. Its formula has been specially designed and adapted to meet the nature of African skins and their cosmetic needs.

  • Clinic White

    Clinic White is a new generation of purifying and lightening treatments proposed by Dodo Cosmetics.

  • Code White

    Code White is a new range of beauty treatments produced by laboratories Dodo of Togo.

  • Cosmetic DH7

    ASSO Laboratories the maker of DH7 line offers a diversity of cosmetic products designed for Women, Men and children of Color. A range of natural care concentrated and enriched with precious vegetal like ARGAN oil, Vegetal Exfoliant, and basic actives like LEMON, FRUITS ACID. DH7 skin care system offers a whole range of hydroquinone free complexion enhancing soaps, cleansers, moisturizers, treatment lotions and creams for all types of skin. Use DH7 Line to correct problems such as dark spots, blemishes, dry or oily skin, uneven tone, clarity. Gradually DH7 skin care system will rehydrate your skin and improve its softness and smoothness for a younger looking skin.

  • Dark and Lovely
  • Dawmy

    a wide range of care products for black skin.

  • DAX

    For more than fifty years, Imperial DAX has been a leader in providing quality hair care products to meet the unique needs of African-Americans and Hispanics, and now offers products that appeal to all ethnicities. All Dax products are made in the United States of America.

  • Derma Skin

    New range of care of the company Dream Cosmetics of Abidjan. These products moisturize your skin, protect it and provide it with softness and radiance.

  • Dermo Evolution Paris

    A range of beauty products to take care of your skin and ensure a clear complexion.

  • Diva Maxima Maxi Tone
  • Dodo

    Dodo Lightening care range of product, reveals the beauty of your skin. Dodo is made with a cocktail that combines bio-active plants, the White Up and Multi-Vitamins. Dodo ensures intense hydration to your skin also, for a maximum comfort.

  • Dr Miracle's

    Pioneers of the notion that African American, multi-cultural, and Hispanic women can all achieve shiny, manageable, healthy hair, Dr. Miracle's has created exclusive formulas rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, essential oils, and the notable "Feel It" formula.

  • Easy White
  • Eskinol

    Eskinol is a skin-care brand based in the Philippines. The products on offer include facial cleanser and a face wash that prevents black-heads.

  • Eva Clairence
  • Evoluderm

    C2J is a French company specialized in hygiene products and beauty that develops, manufactures and distributes the brand EVOLUDERM. A brand recognized and very attractive for everyone! EVOLUDERM brings several ranges of products, including ethnic care. The basis of the main activity: searching for quality. Today, women are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of preserving their beauty ... They are looking for a range of products to suit their skin, convenient to use, high quality and most competitive prices! EVOLUDERM ... brand easily accessible, popular and simple. Requirement on the quality of raw materials, involvement of teams for the formulation, marketing and design make excellent products: Made in France. • Manufactured and packaged in French laboratories to pharmaceutical BPF standards and ISO 9002. • The vast majority of products are formulated without PARABEN. • Not tested on animals.

  • Fair & Lovely
  • Fair & White
  • Fantasia IC

    Fantasia Industries Corporation is an innovator of products for the salon industry. Fantasia products are multicultural. Products like High Potency IC, Color Glosser, Liquid Mousse, Frizz Buster, Tea Tree Naturals, and the popular Hair Polisher line can be found in salons across the United States as well as other countries all over the globe. Fantasia's products are a favorite among professional stylists everywhere.

  • G&G
  • Glupa

    The combination of the two most powerful antioxidants and skin whitening agents: Glutathione and papaya.

  • Gluta-C

    Gluta-C is an intense and concentrated line for skin whitening and anti-aging.

    Be as white as you can be with Gluta-C Intense Whitening! The Gluta-C Intense skin whitening products are specially formulated with Glutathione and Vitamin C, plus other active whitening agents that help safely and effectively whiten the skin. The Gluta-C skin whitening product line also works on multiple levels to soften, smoothen and protect the skin, delaying the signs of skin ageing.

  • GlutaMAX

    Advanced skin lightening products with glutathione.

  • H20 Jours
  • Huit Etoiles Paris
  • Jamaican Mango and Lime

    Loc ans twist products for all your natural haircare needs

  • Keralong
  • Klaris de Suisse

    KLARIS DE SUISSE is a cosmetic range developed and manufactured by a leading Swiss laboratory, in collaboration with Cosmebel SPRL, both experienced in meeting the requirements of the products specially designed for dark skin.

    KLARIS DE SUISSE has developed formulas from the latest developments in the treatment of pigmented skin blemishes.

    The KLARIS  objective is to:

    • Reduce hyperpigmentation and even out uneven tone of the skin with darker spots;
    • Prevent aging and skin damage caused by solar rays and oxidative stress;
    • Promote hydration;
    • With a production of HIGH LEVEL, associate three essential criteria: SAFETY - QUALITY - EFFICIENCY, 3 criteria rarely found TOGETHER with competition.
  • Kojie-san
  • L'abidjanaise

    L'abidjanaise is a beauty brand based upon a new generation of purifying and lightening care. Its rich fruit acids and vitamins help protect your skin against sunlight and wind that blows dry skin. Your skin become quickly visibly pure and brilliant.

  • L'Ivoirienne

    A range of beauty products with carrot oil and aloe vera for a naturally clear and glowing complexion.

  • La Bamakoise

    The product range of La Bamakoise is intended to reduce the roughness of the skin. Its concentrated formula, without water, is ideal for smoothing rough skin, renew the upper layers of the skin, remove dead skin cells and promote skin lightening.

  • Lacura Body
  • Là Là Là
  • Les Karités
  • Luster

    Luster Products, Inc. is the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people worldwide. Luster Products' brands include the Pink Brand, products for women; S-Curl, products for men; PCJ Pretty-n-Silky & Smooth Roots, children products; YOU, unisex products and Designer Touch, products for stylists.

  • Makari de Suisse
  • Maxi White S1
  • MGC
  • Miracle Jeune

    This formulation deserves its name: as soon as you use this range of treatments, your face and your skin rejuvenate several years. YOUNG MIRACLE is the best solution for a comprehensive and lasting skin repair.

  • Miracle Jeune médical

    The range MEDICAL MIRACLE Jeune is known to delay the aging process of the skin and promote healing thereof.
    Made from extracts of the snail slime of the Amazonian forest (espersa helix) and argan oil, it is used to prevent scarring, stretch marks and several other skin impurities.

  • Miss Africa
  • Miss Antilles...
  • Miss Clara

    A full range of lightening beauty treatments give luster to black and mixed skin. Made in France.

  • Motions

    A brand for women in motion. Formulated with outstanding ingredients to strengthen and stimulate hair and make it shine, Motions brought innovative formulas specially created for women of color after intensive and exhaustive research and testing. While other companies saw ethnic hair as problematic, Motions knew unique, versatile and textured meant beautiful, fabulous and alluring. Extraordinary beauty. Fabulous style. Limitless shine. Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with creating innovative salon-quality products for modern women of color.

  • Multiclear
  • Nature Secrète
  • Nature White

    With snail slime.

  • New Light
  • Niuma
  • Nutriclair

    Lightening products based on VEGECLAIRINE.


    O'tentika is a range of skin care products that enhance your natural beauty. Our products enable a daily beauty regime that keeps the skin carefully Cleansed, iluminates your complexion and prevents surface imperfections;

  • One Time

    The secret of Michael J.

  • Opalya
  • Optimum Care - Salon...

    NEW Optimum Care® Salon Collection features professional-quality formulas for salon results at home. Repair, reconstruct, and replenish each strand of hair with our patented Dual Strength Complex, a unique combination of Ceramides R and Ionone-G that gives instant breakage reduction after just one use. Endorsed by stylists.

  • Organics by Africa's Best
  • ORS (formerly ORGANIC...

    Organic Root Stimulator™, the #1 brand in the ethnic hair care market, is now ORS™! Easier to remember new name. Fresh, yet familiar new look. Same great products you know and trust. ORS… Still The One For Healthy Hair! Organic Root Stimulator® products were conceived, developed and marketed by Namasté Laboratories, LLC. Namasté Labs presents an exciting hair care system -- Organic Root Stimulator® -- that gets to the root of healthy hair. The Organic Root Stimulator® difference -- strengthening from the inside out. Utilizing a ground-breaking approach that successfully integrates blended herbs and other ingredients, Namasté has developed a unique product line that responds to consumer demand for products that really work. Unlike most products that are cosmetic in nature, Organic Root Stimulator® actually delivers on its promise of effective hair care. It is a superior quality hair care system that conditions hair and scalp damaged by medication, hereditary conditions and health problems, as well as damage caused by relaxers, blow drying and braids. Hair and scalp are conditioned to a healthier-looking and wholesome state.

  • Palmer's
  • Perfect White
  • Premium Too
  • Profectiv
  • Pure Skin
  • Pure White Cosmetics
  • Queen Helene

    Queen Helene® brand has been a leader in quality and beauty products for professional and personal use since 1930. Their products are inspired by nature’s finest ingredients because they are safer, and often more effective, than harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. They use natural elements like cocoa butter that are rich with vitamins and natural emollient properties to moisturize, soften and nurture your skin and hair.

  • Rapid'Clair
  • Revlon Professional...
  • Rosance
  • Silka

    Silka is a beauty and skincare brand, offering affordable and effective products that help consumers achieve lighter complexion and smoother skin naturally.

  • Sika Gold

    Used day after day, Sika Gold reveals the ultimate perfection of clear, pure skin.

  • Skin White
  • Sleek hair
  • Sofn'free
  • Soft & Beautiful

    Soft & Beautiful features a range of relaxers, texturizers and styling products to help create gorgeous styles based on healthy hair. Beauty begins with Soft & Beautiful hair. The whole line of products is designed to help women of color make the most of their beauty while keeping their hair strong, moisturized and soft.

  • SRY Organic
  • Stylin'Dredz

    The Stylin’ Dredz range has been designed specially for those with natural hair, who wish to style it in a trendy, cultural look of ‘twists’ or ‘locks’.

  • Sure White
  • TCB
  • Totem Carrot
  • Totem Grenadine

  • Toujours Jeune - Ageless

    All products in the range have been developed from protein extracts, ocean and Amazonian. It is recommended to use the products in the range TOUJOURS JEUNE throughout the body especially on parts with problems (keloids, varicose veins, pimples, wrinkles).

  • Vitale Olive Oil

    Vitale Olive Oil deeply conditions the hair from the inside out. The natural goodness of Olive Oil infused in every product reverses damage by restoring natural strength, luster and improves overall manageability of overstressed hair. Promotes strong, healthy beautiful hair….…Naturally with Olive Oil.

  • White Express
  • X-WHITE Plus
  • Melano Pharma
  • Yari
  • Peau Jaune
  • B White
  • Perfect Glow
  • light up
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