Payment Methods

To pay your order, you have the choice between several payment methods.

Credit card payment - 100% secure - (Visa, MasterCard, Debit card)

For the security of your credit card payments we use Cyberplus system BRED / Banque Populaire. With this system, your credit card payment is made directly on the secure server of the bank, on our behalf. The symbol of padlock confirms the confidentiality of your data. At no time will your card number be with us.

The payment is secured by the 3D Secure protocol on the Internet; during the validation of your payment, a code is sent to you via SMS on your cell phone to confirm your transaction and validate your payment.

Payment by bank transfer - reserved for professionals

When a professional customer chooses this method of payment, he accesses the bank details of the account to which he must make the transfer.

The order is only prepared and dispatched after the transfer has been confirmed by the bank. It is advisable that the customer sends by email to Lady Edna the confirmation of the transfer.

Customer Commitment

When placing an order, the customer agrees to pay.

The customer guarantees the company Lady Edna that he has the minimum legal age and that he has the required permission to use the payment method chosen during the validation of the order.

Confidence in online payments

Online payments at Lady Edna are completely secure.

- All your personal data is protected on the website of Lady Edna (SSL certificate to protect your personal data). This security is materialized by information in the web browser address bar: address (URL) starts with https; a padlock icon appears in your browser's address bar or when you click on the favicon next to the url of the site.

- At no time will your card number or other confidential data attached to it, be disclosed to Lady Edna or to any third party. Your payments are made directly on the website of the bank BRED / Banque Populaire.

- Exchanges with bank are encrypted and secured by SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) which has become a worldwide standard and is supported by the major Internet browsers.

- Direct card payment is secured by 3D Secure: you are asked a code when confirming your payment, code sent by your bank on your mobile phone (SMS)

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