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    Madeleine S.

     on 24-04-2020

    Merci à toute l'équipe Lady Edna j'ai bien reçu ma commande prenez soin de vous et à très bientôt.


    Carole A.

     on 17-01-2020

    Bonjour Lady Edna. Merci de me permettre d'avoir mes produits aussi rapidement aux DOM TOM. Je suis très satisfaite


    Sylvie D.

     on 30-07-2019

    Très satisfaite de ma commande livraison rapide commande reçu au bout de 6jrs Merci Lady ????


    Ema Monique E.

     on 07-05-2019

    je suis satisfaite des produits pris et je recommande énormément ce site mais le problème c'est la faible communication de leur part.


    Thellia B.

     on 09-03-2019

    Tres satisfaite ,j’ai Reçu mon colis rapidement depuis la sibérie ladyedna vous êtes la meilleure ! Je ferai encore des commandes ❤️


    Marie Chimene A.

     on 08-10-2018

    bonjour toute l'equipes de lady edna juste pour vou dire merci. bravo pour la qualité des produits, produits de bonne qualité trop contente


    Agnès J.

     on 28-08-2018

    Deux commandes déjà pour une livraison dans des délais raisonnables en Guadeloupe et des produits toujours conformes. BRAVO


    Massita K.

     on 13-08-2018

    Satisfaire de mes commandes,


    Gilda M.

     on 29-06-2018

    Je passe commande de temps en temps et le service est très professionnel. Bravo à votre équipe et bravo pour votre implication.


    Jeanette K.

     on 22-05-2018

    Nouvelle cliente, satisfait pour premier commande merci!!!


    Marlie D.

     on 24-04-2018

    Bjr lady Edna je ss satisfait de ma commande merci bcp


    Rosemarie B.

     on 20-02-2018

    Bonjour , Je suis nouvelle cliente et satisfaite à ma commandes . Merci lady edna et A bientôt .


    Marie Chimene A.

     on 21-12-2017

    coucou juste pour vous dire merci je suis très satisfaite de la qualité des produits les delais de livraison sont extrêmement rapide bravo


    Salah A.

     on 01-11-2017

    Très bon service . J'ai été surprise par la rapidité et le soin apporté au packaging. Site très complet côté produits. Merci encore .


    Valencia A.

     on 19-10-2017

    Commande passée jeudi, livrée mardi. La livraison est super rapide. En plus, les produits sont de qualité. Merci lady edna.


    Dalila S.

     on 08-10-2017

    je suis cliente chez LADY EDNA j'aime bien passer mes commandes avec eux même pas 6 jours je les reçois je suis très satisfaite merci LADY


    Sandrine T.

     on 17-09-2017

    Je suis vraiment satisfaite de ma commande et de la qualité des produits. Merci beaucoup Lady Edna


    Nadine T.

     on 16-08-2017

    Great service and fast shipping... thank you!


    Dalila S.

     on 14-08-2017

    Merci Lady pour touts je reçois toujours mes colis a temps


    Victoria T.

     on 26-07-2017

    Very fast delivery to Germany, I will always order here


    Esther N.

     on 11-07-2017

    Merci beaucoup ladyedna.mes commandes sont arrivés.


    Niouma S.

     on 24-03-2017

    Produit conforme à la description, reçu très vite et bien emballé . Trop contente!!!!


    Nguissi L.

     on 10-12-2016

    Lydienne.N livraison rapide, produits conforme aux photos, entretien téléphonique chaleureux sur les conseils des produits, merci LADY EDNA


    Elisabeth Z.

     on 09-12-2016

    Je suis une nouvelle cliente très satisfaite de mes achats les produits sont de très bonne qualité j adore et merci lady Edna


    Irene T.

     on 06-10-2016

    Je suis nouvelle clientèle plutôt satisfaite du service ,livraison rapide merci


    Fatimata B.

     on 06-09-2016

    je suis trés contente de mon achat , trés professionel vraiment . Au moins vous vous connaissez la valeur des clients. Merçi encore.


    Michel H.

     on 07-07-2016

    nouvelle cliente rècente mais fière de vouset contente de mes achats très bon produits pro merci lady Edna à très vite madame hueber


    Aurélie A.

     on 05-07-2016

    très bons produits!!! livraison correcte, accueil téléphonique super!! prix attractifs, bien moins chers que sur les autres sites!!


    Chris J.

     on 09-02-2016

    Fast response , EXCELLENT customer , and overseas delivery within 6 days ! Will ALWYAS be ordering from you guys! Love it!!! Thanks again.


    mina B.

     on 21-07-2015

    commande et livraison très rapide bravo produit conforme à la commande qualité de l'accueil au top je recommande ce site merci Lady Edna


    Mame D.

     on 09-07-2015

    I just receive the order, I am very happy! I will be happy to keep ordering from you. Good costumer service. Thanks you again !!!


    Emilie G.

     on 24-06-2015

    Merci pour votre professionnalisme.


    René D.

     on 22-06-2015

    Bravo pour l'ergonomie du site, très convivial.

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Sleek hair There are 83 products.

  • Brazilian Natural Curls

    100% Brazilian human hair weave. 100% natural with no chemical treatment, Brazilian hair has no added colouring. The quality of these authentic extensions makes it possible to continually wave, colour and brush them to the style that you want. Reusable when maintained correctly. Brazilian hair is suitable for both Afro Caribbean and caucasian hair.

  • Crazy 4 Curls

    Choose the style, colour & texture, to create your own unique look. Human hair. Sleek's Crazy 4 Curls range offers a whole list of benefits: ■·Superior stitching technique reduces shedding. ■·Gentle protection agents to prevent tangling & matting. ■·ISO 9000:2001 certification means hair is consistently good quality. ■·Innovative colour blends. Top selling curly extensions in the latest styles, the best curl retention available! CRAZY 4 CURLS is perfectly adapted to both Afro Caribbean and Caucasian Hair.

  • European weave

    Choose the style, colour & texture, to create your own unique look. Sleek's European Weave range offers a whole list of benefits: ·Superior stitching technique reduces shedding. ·Gentle protection agents to prevent tangling & matting. ·ISO 9000:2001 certification means hair is consistently good quality ·Innovative colour blends

  • eZ ponytail - human hair

    Ponytails are an essential accessory, as seen on the Chanel and Gucci catwalks. They are fantastic for changing a style in seconds whatever the occasion. Celebrities love them! Sleek's new range 01 EZ ponytails come with a drawstring or grip clip fastenings, in 100% human hair. You can wear your pony long, short or curly. Styling has never been so much fun or so EZ

  • eZ ponytail - synthetic
  • Fashion Idol 101

    TONGABLE SYNTHETIC HAIR WEAVE, EXTENSIONS & BULK Our High quality luxury fibre blend is hot-iron tongable, giving a soft and natural touch. Produced using high-tech fibre, this hair has all the attributes of Human Hair, giving you a perfect style.

  • Hair Couture

    100% Human Hair Weave and Extensions. This Range of Hair offers denseness, volume, movement, extreme softness and a fine sheen. Super-long lengths, naturally strong and tangle-free. LUXURY INDIAN HAIR is perfectly suited to Caucasian Hair.

  • Noble

    Noble Sleek: Synthetic weave & bulk. This high quality fibre is perfect for fitting in with your own hair, to give a relaxed and modern look. Retains curls even after washing.

  • Remi Touch
  • Remy Couture
  • Spotlight

    With a lightweight cap that's airy and cool, Spotlight lace front wigs can also be adjusted for the perfect fit. With combs on either side for additional security, you are guaranteed to feel confident wearing any style from this collection. Choose from a wide variety of colours and enjoy the following benefits: 6. The hairline looks natural and realistic due to the intricate hand tying technique used to secure hair to the lace, 7. Quick and easy to apply - look glamorous in an instant! 8. Should not damage your hair when applied correctly, 9. Versatile parting options, wear your style to the side or ail back 10. Save money on hairstyling costs - a great investment!

  • Style Icon

    100% Remy Human Hair Weave. 100% Remy Hair which is perfect from the root to the tip, it's extreme softness is combined with rich colours. Lasts longer than normal natural hair, resistant to high heat and chemical treatment. STYLE ICON TM is perfectly adapted to both Afro Caribbean and Caucasian Hair.

  • Viva

    100% PURE HUMAN HAIR Weave Our Viva hair has brought you pure 100% human hair with cost effective prices which can make you realize your dreams of becoming a Diva who can change your hair and hair styles more often. By using a similar way of salon layered styling , we have carefully chosen different lengths of hair and skilfully styled them together, this has reduced the hair cost effectively and meanwhile gives you the most natural and trendy layered look.

  • Wig Fashion - Human hair

    100% human hair wigs. Each wig is individually arranged and manufactured by hand. Designed to have a totally natural appearance, the wig caps blend in to the colour of the skin. Treat yourself to the top quality in wigs. A lot of care and attention goes into creating a Sleek wig. Each Sleek wig is individually hand crafted, styled and finished - just like hair in a salon. Ail styles are designed to look realistic, with special attention paid to partings: dark coloured wigs use darker bases to complement darker skin tones. We only use the finest wefts on fine elasticated netting, making our wigs incredibly lightweight, airy and easy to wear. With secure combs and adjustable fittings, they stay put whatever the weather! We have also improved the range with the introduction of monofilament, a clear mesh-like base into which the hair is knotted, giving a natural appearance of hair growing from the scalp.

  • Wig Fashion synthetic...

    Synthetic wigs. An instant look which needs no further styling. By using the most advanced fibre, our wigs give you a comfortable feel as well as up to date looks for the practical woman who wants to change style. You will appreciate their natural look.

  • Yaki One

    Sleek Yaki One: 100% Human Hair Weave and Extensions Combines style, colour and texture to create a unique look, whilst avoiding tangling due to soft protecting agents. YAKI ONE is perfectly suited to Afro Caribbean Hair.

  • Virgin Gold

    Virgin Gold range comprises of genuine 100% human hair which has never been chemically treated, meaning this hair retains its natural appearance and performs just like human hair. Hand selected from grade AA, high quality, raw virgin human hair, this hair is naturally soft with medium strand density.

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