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Soft and Beautiful Just for me - Texture softener

for worry-free manageability of children's hair

Anti-breakage - Sunflower oil formula

Softens natural hair texture

Prevents damage from combing and styling.

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Unilever - Alberto Culver



9,08 €

Just For Me!™ recognizes the need for a mild and gentle hair manageability solution that lasts. Now Just For Me!™ offers Texture Softener™, a new haircare solution that provides worry-free manageability.

Texture Softener™ is for hard-to manage hair. It mildly loosens curls and kinks that cause hair to tangle and break during combing.

Texture Softener™ works by mildly loosening curly, coarse or kinky hair while maintaining a youthful, natural-looking texture.
Worry-Free Manageability

Just For Me!™ Texture Softener™ works on a variety of hair textures, loosening curls and kinks.

Worry-Free Manageability of Moms means...
• Less hair breakage than natural, untreated hair
• Combing and styling take less time and effort
• Gentle enough for girls as young as five years old

Worry-Free Manageability of Girls means...
• Combing hair is easy and “ouch less”
• Enjoying long hair that grows without the breakage from combing
• Getting fun styles is easier

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Soft and Beautiful Just for me - Texture softener

Soft and Beautiful Just for me - Texture softener

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